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So I was in Crested Butte all weekend with the family. We had two cars, because my sister met us up there since she was in Grand Junction for some reason. Anyway, nothing was going on so I busted out the minivan and drove over to Blue Mesa for a bit. I didn't report because I only aught one kok, but it was from shore on a kastmaster...I found that weird.

ANYWAY... Driving back on 50, there is a sign that says Rainbow Lake. I turned down it and it's a dirt road. Very very very very very pretty, but I only got 9 mile in an hour. If I had my truck I woulda been haulin. Is there a lake or is it just a road? I wanted a lake but I just got 9 miles of beautiful minivan driving.

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Ya there's a lake up there you were probably a few miles away at that point. Can't believe you made it that far with a mini van, your lucky you didn't get stuck. There's a lot of brookies and a few rainbows up there.
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