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hit rampart again -- had to burn some vacation. took the boat and trolled all day. the final tally between my self and a friend:
Landed 7 rainbows
Landed 5 Lake trout
Lost 2 nice lakers at the boat (in the 3 - 4 lbs range -- estimated)
1 million hits without a hook up -- damn lakers can peel a garden hackle right off the hook

kept 3 trout and 4 lakers

trout in the 14 inch range -- nice and fat
Lakers were all clones at just a hair over 17

Docks not in -- Bring you waders to stay dry while launching

The view makes it worth it


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What were you using for the lakers? What area of the lake were you fishing? Sounds like you did alot better on this trip, starting to figure them out.

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We caught all of the slimers close to shore -- about 30 feet of water. all of the lakers came out of the center of the lake -- 100 --160 feet deep. Man is this  a deep lake and there are alot of fish in it.  the water temp is cold -- it hurt my hands to put them in the water.

We trolled worms (aka garden hackles) behind cowbells on lead core with 4 colors out -- so that equates to about 15 -20 feet deep.
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