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really cheap gulp baits!!

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went to gart sports on collage an mulberry in ft. collins and they had all the PB worms and gulp baits on sale. now the tag next to them said 2.77 so i grabbed 1 bag however it rang up at $.69 i asked if this was correct due to the sign and the manager said yes so i grabbed 4 more bags all diff. to try out and they all rang up that price. so if your in ft.collins stop by the are going quik. sorry people south of us but it was a great deal and i got what i wanted so i thought i would spread the word. ; ;D
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you must have gotten a really good deal on that gulp bait. My husband and I went to wal-mart in Greeley and paid 4.96 for the stuff. At first I was hesitant because I didn't think that somenthing like that was gonna catch a fish. I am an anxious fisherwoman and get too excited if there is such a thing.
What luck have you all had on the gulp baits if you do not mind me asking? My husband and I have caught a few sunfish to expierment on how well they would actually work. Get back with me
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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