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I have been trying for some prespawn eyes here and there lately. Haven't had much luck. The spots that worked well for me in the fall don't seem to be holding the fish like they did around September and august. The last three or four times out I have gotten the skunk. Haven't really been doing as much fishing as I normally do, though. School and other things have been keeping me busy. Hopefully the bite will be picking up soon in my neck of the woods. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong....wouldn't surprise me. Lots of dudes killing it right now on the walleye from shore. Hoping to try a couple more times over the next week and then on the 11th I'm heading to Las Vegas. Then, either the 12th or the 13th I'm making the drive to Reno to fish pyramid lake. I started getting all my stuff together and am getting stoked. My goal is to get one of the 20+lb giants that I know are in there. With that said, I'll be throwing it all-big swimbaits, jerks and spoons and flies. Since I have a decent amount of time out there this time, I plan on taking a bunch of video and pictures. I verified that I can take the quadcopter out there, too, so hopefully I'll get some killer footy. When I get back I plan on making a video with all the trip's exploits so I will be sure to share it with everyone. Should be a good trip. Really looking forward to it. I was just doing some reading and I guess the igfa cutthroat world record on 6lb tippet was caught at pyramid lake not too long ago at just over ten pounds. Seems like one of those records that wouldn't really be too far out of reach with a little luck. If I get ballsy maybe I'll break out the 6lb lol. I know getting stuff verified with the igfa isn't easy, though.
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