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Recent Fishing @Lake Estes

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  [email protected] Estes has been off the hook lately.  I recently got a fishing kayak and have had a lot of fun/luck trolling with super dupers and tasmanian devils.  Sunday had a really good morning.  My buddy Ron and I were catching Rainbows and Perch left and right.
  I've heard reports of Walleye being caught on a regular basis.  I know there are a few in there, but I wonder if people are confusing the Perch for Eyes?
  Anyway, for a scenic and productive (hopefully  ;D) day fishing, give estes a shot.

Perch in Estes!

Fat Rainbow
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hi thats a nice perch did u catch the perch off shore or in a boat what were u using i go to estes alot havent been up there latley but i;ve caught some nice browns rainbows and some perch but none as big as urs i;ve caught walleye in there before on worms where those pumps go under the road to the lake across i;ve also caught walleye below the dam i definitly want to come and catch perch so hopefully u can give a little info about them thanks

I didn't know Lake Estes had perch, let alone walleye. Really? Walleye? Chowing down on stocker trout??? How big have you seen? Anyone know how long they've been in there?

Rainbow colored crankbaits.....?
Rainbow colored swim baits.....?

Can you say "lunker potential"?
Catfishking --- I read your post awhile back (on Estes). If I remember, you were catching them by the golf corse parking lot ? We were right across from there (off shore). Right by where the tunnel (bike path) goes under the road. People have been catching them right in the corner by Fish Creek road, on the other side. From what I've heard they ussually bite good when it's hot.

Don --- I've heard alot of them have been caught recently? The guy I was fishing w/, Ron, writes a weekly fishing tip artical in the Estes Park News. He saw 2 caught last week. Both at the end of the parking lot near the causeway. Off worms. He said they were both nice sized. A lady who works at the marina said an 18+er was caught early this summer? She sais she catches them (from boat) every once in awhile. All reports are near the tunnels (like Catfishking said). I've cruised through there a couple of times on the kayak, and have seen some nice sized fish. One jumped that had to be 20 inches (probably Trout?).

Fished Estes for a couple of hours tonight. Trolling fies and lures. Caught 2 stocker Rainbows on a stinger fly (purple), and lost  quite a few, including one that was at least 18 inches.
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Some nice looking fish... Glad the Kayak is working out, I bet it took some getting use to at first.
James, you didn't see any of those muskies did you?
Man, the other day, my buddy and I walked all around that lake looking for them (Muskie). Not a sign. Also, there is a spot I used to see them at every time I looked last year (as long as the water level was high enough). I haven't seen them yet this year. I have been looking. I've cruised the entire lake looking for them (in the shallows) to no avail.  :(  I'm still trying Pinewood. I've seen them a couple of times near the dam, and right below the parking lot. I'm not wasting any time on the inlet ones. Went to Evergreen today, and didn't see any. I may go down sometime this week after work and try Lon Hagler. I've heard good things about the Muskie fishing there. Can't believe all of it though. One story is that an older woman landed one on Power-Bait.  ::)
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