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Hi Guys,
I was up there about 2 weeks to do some fly fishing & photography. In my 20 + years of spending time up there several times a year I have never seen it so crowded. This was confirmed by some of my friends that live or own businesses in Telluride- Crazy busy. Everyone I spoke to agreed that this was direct result of Covid crisis with lots of first time visitors showing up from Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Some people were even showing up and camping inside U-Haul trailers as they were unable to Rent an RV…Crazy…

Anyway, as far as Fly Fishing I stayed away for the most part from the more easily accessible water near town and went into the back country to hit some of my favorite small streams and creeks. With a low snow-pack last winter most of of streams were unusually low for early July. However, the dry fly fishing was still excellent and wet wading with minimal gear made it a blast and easy to cover a lot of water.

Attached are few pics of some small but beautiful Colorado Cutts I caught and released.

You can also see some short videos on my Instagram Account: @ray_redstone

Fun Fact: The image in the Forum header is me Fly Fishing the San Miguel River near Telluride a few years back. If anybody needs stock images of Fly Fishing in the Southwest please visit my new website:




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