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Record Size Fish Questions

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If you catch a fish and think it may be a record, where do you take it to get it weighed adn measured. Or in other words what do you have to do to get the state to recognize the fish?
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You have to keep the fish to get the "official record". Take it to the nearest DOW office and have them weigh it on a state-certified scale. If you release the fish it won't count. There is a "released fish" records too, and when it is updated I'll have the record for bluegill with a 12.5". I'm hoping anyway.
If there is a marina or if you have a cell phone and can get the DOW represenative to come to the lake and weight the fish you can release it, or atleast in other states I've fished this was the case. If you catch a record just take it to a local fishing shop or marina and they will help you do everything.
or if you are on some off hours, get it to a grocery store, they are required to have a state measurement standard liscense for their scales, get a couple of pictures, and ask the manager to be a witness, worked for me before but the brookie fell a little short :(
Get a signature and phone number on the weigh receipt for the person weighing the fish too! It also a good idea to have them print their name too.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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