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Ok, ive been procrastinating for a long time about selling this was my first recurve, and i like it a lot, but its been collecting dust for some time now and i guess i should part with it. Who knows, maybe i can pass it on to someone else that will actually use it...its taken a back seat ever since i started shooting my compound.


A PSE take down model Coyote recurve, draw weight 50 lbs. (new, sells for $259.00 at Cabela's) I set it up for whitetail hunting when i was in North Carolina, and its a great bow. Included are 11 arrows (all Easton camo 2314s, cut down for a 28.5 inch draw) Six i just had refletched and re nocked and are ready for hunting or target practice, and five of which i retired to just for plain field use or stump shooting...they are in ok shape, but arent as straight as they should be. also in the deal is a PSE 4 arrow (2 piece attached) quiver---a $60.00 value--- a leather arm guard, leather shooting glove, half a dozen extra 125 gr field points, bow stringer, and spare string. All together i dont know how much i spent on this stuff, but im sure it was over 400 bucks.

Im willing to give it up for $180.00 to any takers...i live in Longmont and am willing to deliver it to you if you live in North Denver or someplace similar.

Cell # is (720) 684-7822, call or PM if interested.

I have silenced this bow to the best of my ability...its pretty quiet and built up the grip with grip tape, which can easily be removed if you dont like it.

all the additional add on items i an including...
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