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I just got a Redington Wayfarer (9 ft, 4 wt, 5 pc) and like it a lot. It complements my Sportsmans Warehouse 9ft, 6wt, 3 pc and my Temple Fork 6 ft, 2 wt, 2 pc. My only complaint about the Wayfarer is that the reel seat is a bit lacking. It has only one "nut" to tighten against the reel instead of two (two is more secure).

I also like my Temple Fork rod. Good bang for the buck.

That being said, I completely agree with the comments by _colorado. I don't know you, or how good of a fisherman you are so take these comments with a big grain of salt... When you're new to flyfishing it is real easy to blame the equiptment rather than the fisherman. It's also easy to get into a "gadget frenzy" frame of mind. Resist the temptation, expecally when you're going to be shelling out $300+ for a rod & reel. Before you buy you need to know that it will help you and not just prolong the learning curve.

Front Range Anglers in Boulder (and I'm sure other fly shops too) will rent rods and reels. They might even reimburse the cost of the rental if you buy a rod from them afterwards. You might try this out, even if they don't rent the exact rod that you're wanting to buy. Try different lengths, weights, and actions. It might also be your only chance to fish with a more expensive rod than you could normally afford. This experience will let you more correctly judge your current rod and if you decide you want another one then you'll have a better idea about what features to look for.

I'm all for owning dozens of rods, but rods are expensive and you want to make a good purchase. And a rod that works for us isn't always the rod that works for you.
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