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Reports are infectious

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I fished one of my favorite smallie ponds yesterday. Action was far from hot but I managed to get a handful of bites and leave catching a mixed bag of smallies and small largemouth.

I caught all the LM's on jerkbaits and each one I caught hit within a few feet from shore. They were only 12-13 inches nothing to write home about but still fun.

The smallies all came on my drop/drag shot set up. Basically it's a drop shot rig with a tube jig replacing the drop shot weight. I prefer using smaller offset worm hooks with this set up and either gulp minnows or power minnows. The offset worm hook does take away a bit of action from the minnow but the minnows last longer this way and I'm not playing around with dinks all day. I'll still hook a few dinks from time to time but not nearly as much when I started using this rig with typical drop shot hooks.

Basically I'll drag the tube a few feet then put a minimal amount of movement in my rod tip to get that minnow to dance. In my opinion less is more... I know some guys shake the hell out of their drop shot rigs, I don't.

The big smallie came dragging this rig past ambush points near structure. The way I try to explain it to guys new to bass fishing is if you were going to hide somewhere to jump out and scare the **** out of a sibling that's an ambush point. With that in mind scan the water and find those ambush points and you'll eventually find fish.

All fish were promptly released after a pic or two.

Tight lines,

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I really like your modified drop shot rig!

The one LMB I caught this weekend ambushed my worm as I was finessing it right by a large downed log feet from shore. Such a thrill when you're finessing and they attack it!
Right on Eric, great report and THX for sharing!!!
Lots of good info there!

Thanks for the report, mane!
I'd love to see more reports in here. Thanks for sharing. You might just have inspired to wet a line tomorrow.
Great looking smallie for sure!!
That modified dropshot rig is pretty neat!!
Nice pics and fisheez, DD
That is a pretty interesting rig, can't wait to try. Thanks for the weapon.
Dang look at you posting up. Pics and all! Love it, thanks E!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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