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reports on horse tooth?

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hey i am headed up to hoorsetooth tonite for alittle while any info on shore fishing i am just going to take worms and maybe my dog if nothing else they sound like they put up a fight LOL J/K thx all will report tommarrow if i can wait that long i love this site it keeps me exicted about fishing even when the only the time my line is tight is when i got thoose famous rock and grass fish
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  :D I catch alot of those rock and grass fish. It's always embarrasing when you go to set the hook on a weed snag. I reeled in a stick the other day, and some older guy w/ his wife said "that will taste ok w/ a little lemon and salt"  :D 
thats good stuff and a great diet :D just ready to add some meat to that
All kinds of fish in horsetooth. Just seems hit or miss somedays. Dog should keep you company on the misses. Good luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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