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The lake was still mostly frozen but it was thawing. By the time we left Sunday morning, the open water had moved out an additional 100 ft or so!

Fishing the inlet was solid, using night crawlers. I caught 25 or so...mostly rainbows and a few browns. One 14 inch Brown I caught was below the dam in the beaver dam drainage area. The biggest fish in the inlet was about 16inches. I did catch one trout on a spinner in the slow moving larger part of the inlet.

The majority of the fish I caught were in the nice deep pools next to the foot bridge on the east side of the lake, right next to the road. My buddies were also successful in this area as well. All in all we caught about 45 fish. It was busy Saturday and I know there were more experienced, better fisherman who caught a lot more than I did!

I talked to the State Park guide and he said the Pike might have been spawning and several anglers were catching them, or losing their spinners! Someone caught a 33 inch Pike. Also bright colored spinners and lures were working well.

Great start to the season. Wish I had my digital camera, but my wife insisted that she needed it while I was gone- maybe next time!

-creationist_scm (steve)
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