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Fished rio blanco with iceintheveins yesterday from 7 am to 7 pm. We started off with 3 tipups, 1 in 5 fow, 1 in 8 fow, 1 in 11 fow, of course with the anchovie 1 foot off of the bottom. Iceintheveins also jigged for panfish. He caught about 20 crappie and a few perch right off. after 2 hours, our tipups still hadn't budged. So we moved. At the new location, we had a tipup in 6 fow, 9 fow, and 11 fow. After 2 hours, nada. ice caught a few more crappie, perch, and a few bluegill. We had noticed a few other groups get a few flags (but no fish yet) in deeper water. So we moved our tipups. 14 fow, 15 fow, 16 fow. It was about 11:00. Then, it turned on. Flag, flag, flag, flag, flag, flag in 30 minutes. All we landed was 1 catfish, a 2 pounder by ice. I lost a very large northern, a conservative guess at 12# here but probably larger. Iceintheveins also missed 4 hooksets. It was then dead for about 4 and a half hours, with other groups getting the rare flag. Then, at about 4, it turned on again. flag, flag, flag, flag, flag, flag, well you get the idea. We got 8 flags this time in about 1 hr, and landed 3 catfish (2-5#) and 1 northern pike (21"). Then it died. We took a tipup out, and then I got to fish for panfish too. We fished for crappie for the next hour and a half and did well. At about 6:45 or so, we were picking up. It was pitch black. We got double flags. A 3# catfish and a 23" pike. It was a pretty good day, I bet we could've caught fish all night.
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