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epic is right.
Colo river is supreme.
In the past 3 weeks I've caught 3 browns 4 lbs or better, including one that was an 8 pounder. I was pretty happy about that. Of course, with those big browns I caught plenty of "nasty" rainbows and cutbows that were 1-4 pounds. Nobody wants those do they ::) :p Lol ;) Colo is supreme, a hole about 200-300 yards, more of a run actually, below grizzly creek inlet is producing well. The bite at confluence w/ fork is done now (ends in mid oct), and the bite in the lower river (my secret holes) is getting especially good.
Actually, the no name creek confluence was the best, they closed it a few years ago though. That stinks because no browns spawn in that creek and only 3 people (myself, iceintheveins, and my dad) can legally fish there anyway. lol
Oh well, plenty of fish in that river and plenty of places to fish.
Forgot the new castle hole, elk creek confluence, etc, etc, etc

TOO many good places.
Caught 26 trout from late yesterday through early today, 16 bows, 1 8", 8 1-2 pounders, 5 2-3 pounders, 2 4 pound plus, 10 browns, 3 7-10", 6 12-16", 1 21" 4 pound male.
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