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Well, we thought we would have to split it into two days, but nine of us got it all done from 8 AM to 5 today.

Here are the before and afters. Now you guys won't have to walk so far.

It was a great eagle project, I think.

Pic taken a few weeks ago with some perspective of the dam after we cut some wood.

Pic of the finished project after 8 hours.

Another one.

Cool stuff. Yay for all you eagles out there, I just gotta get a board of review and I'm in the club.

Tight lines.

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I cant believe you finished it with all them fishing breaks you were taking. :p Good job, your eagle is something to be proud of.

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Mustang ---
Congratulations on the finished project, and good luck w/ the review board. Thanks for making one my favorite fishing spots even better!
Any word on them opening up the other side of Ladora ?

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thanks guys, i cant wait to use it this april

the last i heard they were talking about opening the other side of ladora in 2007, but thats still in the works

and i wish i could have taken fishing breaks, haha
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