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Went to Rocky Mountain National Park today. I started off at Dream Lake. It was cold, gusty, and drizzling until about 11 am. Lots of Cutthroats crusing the shoreline. I couldn't figure out what they wanted, and there were no hatches to speak of. I tried everything. Finally landed one on a small Chernobyl Ant (barbless, naturally). I did get a couple of nibbles on a small olive nymph with an olive glass bead, but they wound't commit. Those cutties were easy to spook. Often they'd be hitting hyperspace before I'd even see them.

Next I went to Moraine Park for some stream fishing. This was my first time fishing there and I didn't know there were several streams in that basin. So naturally I fished a smaller one. Caught a couple of browns and spotted a brookie. I probably would have done better if I went to the correct stream. The weather was good this time. It was overcast the whole time and just a little gusty, but no drizzle.

The leaves are changing up there. And the elk are bugleing. When I was fishing the stream it seemed like I was all alone, even though I was close to the road. Then all of a sudden about 6 cars parked right next to my car and these photographers popped out with what looked like telescopes for lenses. At least one was pointed at me, but I assume the rest were there for the elk herd that was also in the basin. I never saw an elk while fishing, but you could hear them everywhere. As soon as they arrived, all the cars left.

Next, I went to just below the dam at Lake Estes. Threw some Kastmasters and Rapalas. Never landed anything, but got at least 6 near misses. It appears that the large rocks on the shore just below the dam are inhabited by 16+ inch Rainbows and Browns. I only stayed there for 45 minutes, so no luck there.

All in all it was a good day. In pure numbers it wasn't great, but if you measure "personal satisfaction" it was great. Certainly a good change from the Skunking I got on the North Fork of the South Platte.
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