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I was the one who said hi to you. I've only posted once and I've been lurking on the board for the past several weeks, learning tons. I see you all over the place! I've been on a fishing kick lately, it's a lot cheaper than my hobby of high power rifle shooting--those bullets really add up. My real name is Ben Lee. As for my screen name, that's what my friends sometimes call me because of my occupation. I use a lot of silicone at work and it involves boobs. Tough job! I really admire the expertise you have accumulated in your short 17 years. In fact, you were the only one who I saw catching anything around the lake. I only got one bite after a couple of hours so, and I was in a trout mood anyway, so I headed up to Dillon to go fly fishing. Got skunked, as did everyone else I ran into. Tough day for fishing. Real pretty up there though.

By the way, check the board for the first thread I'm gonna start. On the way to the Blue River, I stopped by Prospect Ponds to scout them for bass on a fly rod. It's a real entertaining question I'm posting to members.
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