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Rod repair

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Hey guys I am new to the area, recently got stationed at ft Carson. Anyway I'm looking for the go to guy for quality rod work and repairs, I run mostly st. Croix and don't like the hassle of mailing it back for repairs because there usually guides and eyelets which is any easy fix for anyone who knows there way around a fishing rod. I live in the springs so someone in the local area. Hope I'm not beating a dead horse but I didn't see any other threads on it. Any info on were to go to get high quality work is much appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Koldkut is your man. He does some nice work and is kinda near you.
Whatcha need done.....I live east of the Springs but I work in town 5 days a week.
Thanks guys. Koldkut I sent you a message.
why not repair them yourself... pretty simple.
I can understand why folks don't want to mess with it, learning how tips are measured is an alien thing at first.
If you haven't got your rods repaired yet, I'm willing to help you out. I retired from the army and have been building and repairing rods for over forty years. This is a rod I did a little make over on.


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