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Don't know if I'm in the right forum but here goes.

A couple centuries ago, I attempted to build a fly rod, which I did successfully. This was the only rod I have built. It was on a Fisher two-piece, 9', graphite blank. It turned out ok but when on a river fishing, if the fly fishing fashion police were around, I would hide. It wouldn't have won any quality contests but it was a wonderful fast action nymphing rod on which I caught a lot of fish.

A couple years ago, I crushed the tip section at about the second snake guide from the tip. The rod is not repairable so, I'm looking for a tip section that will work or another Fisher tip section. It doesn't have to be a Fisher. In those days, Fisher constructed their butt section graphite rods with what is called a "spigot". It's a solid piece of graphite about 3/16" in diameter and four inches long. It protrudes from the butt section and fits into the tip section (male/female). I have an extra non-Fisher tip section but the female end is too big for the spigot. I've thought about enlarging the diameter of the spigot so it fits better but haven't tried this.

The ideal situation is to find another Fisher tip section or one that will work and one that has guides.

Heck, if I could be on south Santa Fe at Discount Fishing Tackle (Mike is the owner - don't know if it's still there), he sometimes has extra tip sections. I remember several years ago when he had a barrel full of tip sections for spinning and fly rods. I am in Arizona.
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