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Water is highest I've seen it, especially since just 2 years ago it resembled more of a mud puddle than a reservoir! Water is only a few feet below the top of the dam, and the shoreline is now at the footpath that goes around it! Fish were rising to gobble insects on the water surface. Tossed out 1/4 oz Joe's Flies March Brown spinners and was rewarded with a few 10 - 12" rainbows. Tried some gold bladed orange trimmed spinners and caught a 6" rainbow. I saw people using Power Bait and crawlers and reminded them that Rosemont is a lure only reservoir. Nice sunny day with a few overhead clouds, and a slight breeze at time. Rosemont is a beautiful place, but the parking area was full of spent shotgun shells, targets, beer cans and McD bags.
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