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Had an outstanding time about a week and a half ago at Ruedi Reservoir over by Basalt, Colorado. Didn't seem to matter what we threw, the trout were going crazy for it! But in case you were wondering what we did catch on...

1) Size 18 Zebra Midge - TYLER
2) Size 12 Chernobyl Ant - TYLER
3) Size 20 Rainbow Warrior - TYLER
4) Size 16 Custom UV Salmon Egg - TYLER
5) HD Trout (Natural Trout Pattern) - TYLER
6) Size 16 Chromamid - REMY
7) Size 12 Chernobyl Ant - REMY
8) HD Trout (Brown Trout Pattern) - SAM
9) 2" Micro Minnow from (Green Pumpkin Pattern) - SAM
10) 2" Micro Minnow from (Dragonfruit Pattern) - SAM
11) 2" Micro Minnow from (Orange Pattern) - SAM

Most of the Flies were on a Dropper Hopper Rig...It was Partly Cloudy and after the first hour, it got SUPER WINDY!! We stayed and fished through it for about 2 hours before it got too much for us and we got frustrated...We probably caught around 40-50 fish in those few hours though! There was also a family of Tourists there from Dallas, TX...They had been up there for 2 days fishing the Reservoir and the Frying Pan and they had gotten skunked (Not sure what they were using)馃槴 We decided to catch them a stringer worth of fish so they could eat some Colorado Trout, which they were VERY EXCITED about!
Hope you guys enjoy the video! Probably the last time we'll be using Dry Flies/DropperHopper this year.



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Some but I found a large pod in deep water with my FF. They were at all depths from about 5 feet down to the bottom. I just kept working back and forth over them.
The big one did come from along the dam. She hit my fly on three straight casts before I finally hooked her.
It is getting d-d-d-d$#@%@ cold fishing from a tube!
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