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CaptHook, I use to head there all the time.  Head out east to Limon and then southeast on 287 to Kit Carson and then due south on 287 still past Eads.  Nee Noshe is on the east side of the Hwy and a little further south Nee Grande is on the west side.  Both lakes have wipers, crappie, cats and saugeyes along with other species.  I have done quite well in years past even during these last low water years before I moved to Nebraska 2 years ago finding any structure on earth and fishing there for crappie.  Wind blown points and shores are great for saugeye and wipers either on the bottom or I loved throwing twister tails in white with a red head with a half of worm on it in the early morning and evenings for wipers or saugeyes and the occasional cat would even smack it.  Then fishing structure during the day for the crappie or bottom fishing for wipers with shrimp or nightcrawlers.  NeeNoshe is super low and if you can find the deep water then on the south side of what is still there it should hold quite a few fish in it.  Nee Grande had alot ot structure on the east side of it two years ago with plenty more further out.  I always fish both lakes with waders and if not tooooo windy my belly boat and brought home some real nice fish to eat.
Hope this helps!

PS. congrats FishingKats
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