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Ok, they were absolutely tiny, but I've been wanting to get one on my fly rod for some time now. I was looking for the bigger ones with small streamers out deeper. No luck, so I switched to a bead head nymph and managed to pick up several Sacramento perch & green sunfish with one small bass in the mix. Caught shallow in the rocks with my 3wt.

Species list on the fly rod so far this year:

Sacramento Perch
Rock Bass
Green Sunfish
Bluegill x Green Sunfish Hybrid
Redear x Bluegill Hybrid
Yellow Perch
Black Crappie
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Common Carp
Creek Chub
Golden Shiner
Striped Shiner
Peacock Bass
Jaguar Bass

I'd love to get an orange spotted sunfish or bullhead on the fly. I might let one of those trout fishes hook itself to the end of my line this year.

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Nice I got some big ones last year tried about a week ago no luck
Any tricks for the bigger ones last year, other than the secret bait? This is the first time I tried this year. They were mixed in with the green sunfish in the corner/sides to the left of the small jetty/pier. None off the point. I was for sure I could get a bigger one on with some of the small streamers I was using. Might try again in a few weeks.
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