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Sage rod returns

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I have a Sage 490LL rod that is a few years old now. While hiiking in the mountains, I broke the rod into four pieces (yes, it was a two piece rod) :'(. I know Sage has a lifetime warranty -- has anybody here used it? Anything special I need to know? How long does it take?

Thanks for any help,
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Hi Work2Fish

I see you have excellent taste in fly rods. I happen to have a Sage 590LL as my casting rod. It's a little light for nymphing but it sure is sweet and soft.

About 4 years ago my reel seat took on some water after a trip to 11 Mile Canyon and swelled up in the tube. I did not discover this until after I had hiked into the Crestones with my son up to the South Colony Lakes. The fish were rising all over the lake. I strung up my sons fly rod and sent him on his way. Then I began to string up my rod and noticed that the locking rings wouldn't move in the reel seat because the wood had swollen. I'm proud to admit that, though it saddened me deeply, I did not hesitate to whip out my knife and whittle that handle down until I could get those locking rings free. We fished for a couple of hours, landed many beautimous cuttbows and hiked out before the afternoon storm.

I contacted Sage, got the mailing address, allowed them to charge $30 to my credit card, loaded the rod into a pvc mailing tube that I borrowed from a friend, and two weeks later it came back to me in such pristine condition that I thought they had simply replaced the rod! No questions asked.

My friend, not only are you the proud owner of one of the finest pieces of graphite ever assembled into a flyrod you are also doing business with simply the best graphite fly rod company in the business. Sage has my allegiance!

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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