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I was surfing bloody decks Forum for a new spot to fish and happened to come across a thread that there were 2 openings on a 15 day trip on the Intrepid from San Diego to Clarion Island/ Hurricane bank area for big Tuna. Sounded like a good group with most from Alaska and Canada.
Scheduled for leaving Feb 10th I decided to take my wife out on the 1st and dink around Southern Cali with her while preparing for the trip then she would fly back and my friend Brian fly in on the 9th.
With the airport closed due to the storm on the 1st we decided to just drive out leaving Granby we spent the night in Beaver city Utah with 2' of fresh snow.
Took a detour up to Oakland so the wife could visit an old friend she hadn't seen in 15 years and toured around San Fransisco a few days.

We headed south on Hwy 1 along the coast.

Stopped to check out the Elephant seals

San Diego from Point Loma lighthouse
Submarine coming in the harbor

Spent a few days rounding up gear and trying to get over a bad cold.
Got on the Boat on the 10th and we spent 2 hours getting bait, amazing how much the boat carries,its like having a stocking truck built in.
We had a mechanical problem and had to head back in to fix it losing 6 hours we finally got under way. Vic and Cal from Cali. and Troy from Juneau Ak
4 days of travel at 10knots 980 miles to Clarion Island, about 300 miles SW of Cabo. We spent the time rigging gear with great weather and lots of texas holdem.

We had to check in with the Mexican officials on the Island that came out to the boat.

Don from Juneau's cowTalk about a small world Don and I had just met on the beachin Hawaii in Dec. we figured out after talking a while, his dad is a local there that is part of the morning snorkeling group my buddies hang with.

Fly lining live Sardines was a way to fish I haven't done a lot of especially in this kind of multi angler situation and took a while to get it down. Basically you toss it out there and try to get it swimming away from the boat as you feed line but keeping track of where it is so you don't hang up with all the other anglers.
My first fly line Tuna of the trip.
We would fish till after dark for tuna as they are harder to catch in the daylight when they can see the line and hook. Their belly were full of the sardines they chummed. then we would move in and anchor up to make bait.
This consisted of catching Tubes and Salamis in 100' with Sabiki rigs. Up at 3 in the morning making more bait it was back to the Ridge at 4am to fish for big Tuna. Lighting up big PL68s, dropping 400' to the bottom and cranking back I missed 2 good bites on big fish as my drag was too tight and the lure would stop cold and I couldn't keep reeling to set the hook.
We caught 10lb-15lb Skipjack this way and would put them on a big j hook and live bait fish them. this method caught the biggest Yellowfin a 280lber.
View of the deck

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Jim from Skagway with his cow

Captain Kevin releasing a bird.

During the day when the bite for Tuna slowed down we trolled Marauders for Wahoo. This was my lure that I picked up 5 years ago and hadn't caught a fish with yet.Wahoo have razor teeth you need to use wire leaders, hard to see but it looked like someone took a knife to my lure.
As soon as a fish was caught trolling we would stop the boat and all start casting Raiders and Bombers. The first day we got into them big time and put 46 on the boat. Brian and I.

My personal best Yellowfin.

Don with a Wahoo
Sunset over Clarion Denny from Juneau at the bow
Ryan from Juneau with his cow
Bill from Whitehorse Ca with a Wahoo
Capt. Kevin running the kite lines.
When my turn came up on the kite I had a big Tuna head straight out about 300 yards, worked him almost back to the boat where the hook pulled.
Chris from Juneau with a Wahoo
Anson with his
Hayden with a grouperYou could catch as many Grouper as you wanted, I stopped at 20 after getting tired of reeling them up from 400' and losing several to Sharks.
Dan from Juneau
Dr Loc from Cali.
George from Cali

We ate well
Fresh Lobster from pots we put out

I learned a lot on this trip and we head a great crew along with 2 great chefs all great guys.
Heading back sucked, we had 2 days of rough weather getting airborne in the bunk trying to sleep and I was a little bugged for breaking off 2 other big Tuna.
The last 2 days were smooth and we stopped and caught a few Yellowtail, I was one for one the last one got me in the rocks and broke off. I've never been so glad to get off a boat. the first few days of fishing all went in the frozen locker and mid way we switched to Refrigerated sea water. Heres a pic of the frozen fish.
Brian's and my pile.
We sent our refrigerated fish with the local processor that did a great job getting them done quick while we went to home depot and built a box for the frozen ones and drove straight thru back with literally a truck load of fish.
Back home for a Sushi Party and Seared Ahi.
After a solid 2 days of cutting and packing thanks to the help of my family and friends Im able to recuperate while the canners is going.
If anyone ever wants a trip of a lifetime this would be it but 15 days is a loooong trip.

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I appreciate the advice. Right now, time is the biggest obstacle. Likely 10 or 15 years away before I can take 15 days. But it sure is tempting.....
Lots of options 3, 4 or 5 day, 1 week etc.
Some of the shorter trips get into great fishing including smaller - mid size Tuna, Wahoo and lots of Yellowtail.
Next time I'll probably do a 3, 4 or 5 day.

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Way cool trip right there. Had to be a real grind getting back, bouncing around in the bunk and all
Just a couple rough days wasn't that bad and the trip was well worth it.
We were lucky, the trip prior to ours dealt with bad weather the whole time.
A few years ago a trip got into a Hurricane and all the anglers had to sit in the galley with float coats on.

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Wow!! Living the life!
I would be sea sick for most of those days
So many fish man.
Would be a great trip for a group of close friends.
Link to the people you used?
Well done
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