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Took my oldest son to the San Juan River for a couple days. They had the week off and spent most of it in hunters Ed class. So I thought they would like to go for a float. Oldest wanted to youngest didn't. We left yesterday and after a fun drive over Red Mountain pass, we were on the river by 2pm. We stayed in the Texas Hole getting Will feeling good about fly fishing from the Hyde. He did well, and landed 3 nice fish. Buddy caught a nice 22" about an hour into the afternoon. Weather was mild but windy. The river is pretty low. Flowing at 300 CFS. The water was very off color, lake is turning over. No big issue. We used black and olive bunny leaches dropped with a red larva. That was about all we needed all day yesterday as well as today. Today Will caught 10 fish ranging from 10" brown to a nice 20" bow. He really figured it out today. Very proud of him. Fished today till 2PM than headed back over the mountains. Love being so much closer to all the good stuff. Here are some pics.

IMG_5415 by
[url=[email protected]/12709554633/]

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