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sanchez res

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We went down to sanchez to look for some pike.What I found is that the walleye are huge and suckers to mister a guy who was catching alot of fish with a small jig head with a twister tail white.I did not get notting but i will be back.The boat ramp is back in biz.that guy also caught a 36"pike on that small jig nice and fat.some day that will happen to me.they did not fall for the big spoons first i ever got skuked out of that res o well next time.
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I've heard the pike and walleye fishing hasn't been very good there this year. I wonder why? Nice to see a few fish are biting though.
Sanchez is a special fishery and needs to be protected. Now why does the CDOW have no bag limit for pike in NON TROUT WATER? You tell me.
I used to go here 4-5 times a year and catch loads of big pike. What happened, they used to have a great population of big perch here. But as often happens, word got around and people got greedy and keeping everything they caught. The pike numbers crashed because the forage base of perch got decimated. Anyway, the perch are making a comeback and the pike numbers will rebound too if nature is allowed to take its course.

This is a great lake and also holds a fair number of walleye that don't get fished for much.
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