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rob said:
Fished from about 630 till dark, boy where there alot of people out. Apparently they didn't know about the ponds after the ones next to the parking lot, becuase it seemed like everyone concentrated on the first one. Anyways me and the gf walked back to some of the farther ponds and did okay. She caught two or three bass, and had a huge one break off and also a few bluegill. All I could manage was a little fingerling bass, and some wierd bass sunfish hybrid looking things. I never got into any bass, but it was a beautiful day of fishing. I was trying for crappie, but didnt get any this time, maybe next time.
Rob, I'm curious about the bass/sunfish hybrid/mutants. Which pond were you at? I just wanna set a "elementary school-minded" mission to go catch one of those and take a picture. I also have an aquarium, but you didn't hear that from me.... ;D
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