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Hadn't been to Sawhill since early June and figured since I only had a couple of hours to fish it was my best bet (only live 5 minutes away). Arrived at 5:50am to an amazing colored sunrise lighting up the Flatirons like a postcard. A few people were already there targeting panfish in the ponds adjacent to the parking lots.

I'd read in this forum how the weeds were doing their summer takeover of the ponds, and I must say, it's pretty much true. However, I found this to provide a very entertaining/productive way to fish. I tied on a tube jig with a 1/2 oz worm weight (pegged with a toothpick) and just started whipping it right into the grass. I was targeting the edges and the holes of the large grass mats further from the shore. A lot of times you'd have to overshoot your target and drag it across and let it fall into the hole. The heavy weight really helped get through the grass to the open water beneath. Anyway, caught 4 LM this way and missed 2 others. One of the fish I missed erupted through the top of the grass as I was dragging the tube to drop it into a hole in the grass. Size ranged from 13" up to a nice fat 16"er that was a solid 3+ lbs. I recommend the tube jig over a regular jig'n'pig for this type of fishing as it has a slimmer profile that doesn't catch so much on the grass. Also, I'd not come equipped with less than 20lb. test mono and a MH-H action baitcasting rod. As you're setting the hook through a lot of grass, you really need to be able to put the wood to the fish when they strike. Not to mention, you've got a serious excavation job ahead of you to literally dead-pull them out of the grass. Braided line will really help with hooksets in these conditions, but I've found the Boulder/Longmont bass to be a bit line shy, so if you use braid, tie a 12-16" fluorocarbon leader (20lb. test) onto a barrel swivel.

I did manage to find some small areas of open water and managed to catch one more basss -- a smallmouth this time -- on a light-brown/orange jig'n'pig. Not huge, but in the height of the summer, any bass is a good fish :) Summer time bass, when you can get them to bite, really pummel a bait. Even through the all the grass, there was no confusion as to when one hit -- the line would jump a good foot at least.

All in all a good morning -- 5 fish in just over 2 hours. Let me know if you need more info on the equipment setup.
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