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Sawhill Ponds

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Fished Sawhill from about 12-4ish, caught 4 lm 12-15in. the action was pretty decent considering the time of day, lost my last lure that was catching them, and couldn't find another that worked, so switched my focus to bluegills, saw a bunch caught a bunch, nothing huge but a couple that were definately pan worthy. I fished just about every lake in the area, and found that the farther I hiked the better the fishing. Funny how that works. Also saw a ton of frogs, but didnt have any frog-lures to cast, but I imagine you could do pretty well with one. Also for you carp fisherman they are out there in hoards. I wish i new how to bow fish, I saw a school of 7 of them and each had to be over 5lbs. Also saw a few snakes, no rattlers though. Anyone know if there are any crappie in there??? I had what i thought looked like one, but it spit out my grub before i landed it.
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Nice going. Sure hope that bass survives.
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