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this is going to be long so here it goes:

Selling my Scadden Avenger XX. Comes with both frames so you can have a two person drift boat. Or just use a single frame, flip the boat around and you have a one person bass boat.

Comes with 4 side bags and the rear seat storage bag

XXL Back deck set up for a gas motor

extra standing deck so you could have two standing decks on the 2 person boat, or one large deck on the 1 person boat.

Includes lean bar and striping apron

includes upgraded carbon fiber oars

includes both anchors... one chain anchor for river, one star shaped solid anchor for lakes

Mercury 4 horse outboard

electric trolling motor and deep cycle battery that you can mount on the front deck bass boat style

you can click the link in my sig and go look at some older posts and see it on the river and on some lakes

lifetime warranty on everything on the boat

here is the link from NFO

this is for the base model with the regual sized rear deck, standard oars, and one set of tackle bags

unfortunatly i will NOT break anything in this up (please dont ask if i will just sell the outboard)

asking 2100 or best offer. located in COS

edit** i just now realized i put in the wrong price initially. its updated
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