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So since good ole Mother Nature has been making my job a living hell; I decided to take a day off from soggy feet and green socks and do something I haven't done in what seems like eons (it was actually thirty days ago)- Go Fishing!!!!

I good friend of mine has been inviting me to go out on his boat after some bass and crappie the last few weeks and we just haven't been able to pull it off with the crazy weather we've had until today.

It was a perfect day for it. What could be better; overcast, temps in the upper 40's not a hint of sun a steady breeze from the West. (Hint of sarcasm from the old guy whose bones ache on these types of days). So off we went at 11:30 am. Got to a lake (that most of you eagle eyes will HOTSPOT right away from my pic) got the boat on the water without my out of practice ass getting wet feet (there's a first::)) and proceed to learn a new technique in pitching sencos. Now keep in mind I don't fish for bass unless its from the bank with a bobber and a worm while sipping on a cold one at Pueblo on a hot day watching the bikini clad eyecandy that happens along on a jetski or boat. Well today there were no bikini clad eyecandy or beers; just two fat guys in a boat trying not to get soaked and freeze. So first cast I catch a lunker largemouth almost as big as my senko and I'm thinkin to myself I new this lake didn't have anything but dinks in it. But, being the knowledge junkie that I am; I went with the flow and kept working the new technique and before long this happened (my first decent largemouth in Colorado).

Yeah, I know its not huge but for a guy who doesn't even fish for bass its the start of something new.

Over the course of three hours we caught and released (with a kiss) several nice fish between 2 and 4 lbs along with a buttload of dinks. We even found a 12" crappie (thats the crappy part-only one).

Lots of fun, no soggy feet (until we hooked back up the boat;D) and no work until the freekin' rain stops or until I get tired of catching fish.
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