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I set forth up to, you know, that lake with the perch, to try and follow Slayer's great example. I'm a bit new to this whole ice fishing thing, so I was cautiously optimistic that I'd be able to avoid the skunk and maybe even bring home some meat! Before I even started fishing, I learned a couple things right off the bat. One was that I don't want to bring a sled up to that place again. It was a pain in the ass with the terrain, and I feel like I can just throw everything I need into a decent sized backpack. The second thing I learned was that crampons would have been very good to have up there. To get to where I fished, I hiked on the ice for about three quarters of a mile. My Sorels worked okay on the snow covered stuff, but the other ice was super slick, and I almost ate **** on multiple occasions, but miraculously recovered. Anyway, on to the fishing. It was decent. My buddy and I drilled multiple holes and would each fish one until the action slowed, then move on to let that one recover and come back to it. That worked pretty well. I went with an 1/8 ounce Kasty, again following Slayer's lead. I caught my first perch tipping it with a mealworm, but after that it was all eyeballs all the time. My buddy had to leave after a couple hours, taking 7 perch with him. I stuck around a while longer, and ended up bringing 9 with me. Not too shabby, but not gangbusters either. I was pretty happy with it. I ran into Littlemac up there. Really nice guy, and it was cool to meet a fellow forum member in person. Sorry about the lack of pics. I forgot to put my phone on airplane mode, and it was constantly looking for a signal. By the time I had anything really worth photographing, the battery was toast. Thanks to Slayer for the earlier report and nice meeting you Littlemac!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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