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Well, Reg & I played hooky for half a day, and took our 1st trip to Seamen. What a beautiful place. The walk was alittle longer than I thought it would be, but not to bad. Got up to the dam, and boy did the ice look scary. Lots of water on top, with the wind blowing, there were actually waves on top of the ice. Finally got the nerve to go out, right off the dam, drilled a couple of holes, and gained some confidence. ice was 5-7inces thick. fished there about a half hour, not a bite, so we headed right, towards the spillway. Reg lost one, and had another little strike, I missed one, but still wasn't satisified. So I walked on. My directions are kindof mixed up, I walked across the spillway area fished along the road, Is it the east side? There was a small "pump house" all the way down, in the corner.

Anyways, fished there about an hour an a half, caught 5 nice trout, 14-17in. No perch, which was what we were really after. 2 fish were on a pimple and half a crawler, half way up, all others were on a kastmaster, with a tiny jigged tied 6ins. down, with waxies. (a killer perch presentation, but not this time) off the bottom.

Fish were all very plump and healthy. I was surprised how deep the lake was were we drilled holes. I was in 25ft of water, no more than 15-20 ft from the shore. Ice won't be good much longer, But I'll plan on taking the belly boat up in the spring.
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