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Seminoe, WY

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Used jig heads with leeches and crawlers and then bottom bouncers and spinners. Both produced walleye and trout. Landed about 40 eyes and about a dozen trout. Trout were all 14-18 inches and walleye were between 9-21 inches. Best depth for the eyes was 20-25 fow. Best spinner was chartreuse/orange with slow death hook. Best jig combo was a pink jig head with leech. Lots of algae in the water so we had to move around to find water with less algae. Seemed to be less on the north end so spent more time around Red Hills and the canyon near the dam. Biggest walleye came from further south.

As usual, the boy outfished us all.

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Great job Junior!!!
Good Job!! nice Wallie.. Tough place to camp.... tougher to fish when the weather gets goofy....
Nice catches guys! Thanks for the report.
Nice! We were out there last year in Early July and were catching more fish than we could count. Was out there earlier this month and nearly got skunked! Sounds awesome man!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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