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Senko on the fly and other oddities

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I went out to a private bass pond I have access to this afternoon. Wouldn't ya know it, I forgot my box of flies. All I had in the car was a Pistol Pete and some Senko Crayfish-I don't even remember when I bought those cause I never use them. I worked the Pistol Pete and caught a couple of smallish bass. Then I got a wild hare and decided to cast some silicone--it is my favorite substance after all. It took a while to figure out how to cast the heavy Senko on a 4 weight flyrod, but it wasn't too bad after I got the hang of it. The fishing really got going after that, as I was able to get right on the bottom of the pond. No wonder the spincasters like plastic so much. I wound up with 19 bass total over the next 2 hours, the largest being 15 inches. Quite a fight on a light flyrod. All lived to fight another day.

Now, spin fisherman have some great baits that appeal to other senses and reflexes a fish might have besides sight. Has anyone else combined other types of bait/lures with a flyrod, or is it just my own personal love for silicone?
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This is for future incidents, if you break the senko in half (called a french fry) its alot easier to cast on a fly rod. :p
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