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I keep hearing everyone talking about these baits. What are they? Where can I buy them? How do you rig them?
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Its a Gary Yamamoto bait that is shaped kind of like a cigar or a pen and can be fished a few different ways..
This is alittle old but here are alot of Senko Type baits:

Tiki Worms -

Prowler Slim Jim -

Schubert's Shimmy Worm -

Assalt Salt Stix -

Yum Dinger - 5"&m=Yum

ISG Wil-O-Stik -

Garland C-Lenko -

Catch'em Lures Salty Sinker-

Dave's Salty Slinky -'s salty slinky.htm

Cabin Creek Salty Sinker -

Chompers -

Venom Salty Sling -

Case Stiks -

Barlow's Salty Rat Tail -

Gibroni -

Doc Water's Helix - Worm

Picasso Skuttle Worm -

Best Baits -

Outcast Stik Worms -

Snakebite Twitchin Stiks -

Jogger -

MG Lures -

Pro Choice -

Wacky Worm Wacko -

Fireball Lures -

Heres some info on how to fish it :

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I am so glad that you asked that!!! I have been wondering myself and was too embarrassed to ask, since I am always asking stupid questions on here....

Now,,,, what is a "Popper"??? ???

Thanks, John
Thanks Jay!!

I need all of the help that I can get!!!

wow great links Jay thanks
Thanks everybody. I went to the sportsmans warehouse today and bought some. The guy working there seemed to be very knowledgable about how to rig them. He gave me about a foot of surgical tube to attatch them to the hook. How do you guys rig em?
I go pegged texas rig or wieghtless.
I always fish mine texas rigged weightless.

I fish mine texas rigged weightless as well but when it gets a bit tore up I take it off of the texas then I wacky rig it. All a wacky rig is you hook the worm through the middle letting it hang off both sides of the hook.
any suggestions on what colors to use? What are your favorites or had best luck on? I have the watermelon/cream and sparkly silver.
I don't think color matters too much.
Of course, if your lakes have shad (no west slope lake does so this doesn't go into my accounting), a color matching shad would be best.
I think a color that is subtle, yet visible in the given conditions is best. If the water is slightly stained I like the red/black. The dark green with sparkles is good also in more clear water.
I seem to catch more fish on darker colors. Browns, Purples, greys.

The only thing I dont like about this kind of fishing is its a pain in the ass if the wind is blowing

ive found that where senko's work using the zoom catapilar works even better the bait im using is about 4 inches long and has red sparkles . not to mention the zoom stuff is about 2 dollars cheaper . and usually i wacky rig ....cast out into the water and watch the sides of the bait slowly flutter it makes me want to eat it ..
That is the prob w/ Senkos. For the money your lucky to get 2 or 3 fish off of one.

the funny thing is last year i was so certain that i was gonna catch more fish then my buddy who was using an off name brand of senko . nope i was totally wrong he doubled me in fish and i doubled him in the price of what i was using . i think sometimes fisherman get so caught up in having the best they forget it isnt always the most expensive
My buddy uses the zoom products which are very affordable and he always catches bass and walleye on them. All the plastics are made out of the same crap you'd think they work the same. I guess it is the scent and the action though that matters on top of the color.
I like watermelon/cream,red shad,chart. work best for me
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