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Hit Shatty Tues night. Picked up a slimer at Massey that saved the skunk. Got short-hit twice in a very specific area. Outside there, nuttin.

Water is much clearer than my last stop there. Water temp. 44-45 deg.

Fishing with a Rogue. "Carter" retrieve. Ticking the tops of the rocks did not produce hits. Gotta work on the retrieve a bit. I think they are there but like the rest of the lakes, they want it at a certain cadence.

Got Licence-Checked that night. Nice guy. We were talking about other lakes and night fishing and seems he knows about us Nightstalkers. I told him most of us know to let the momma's go back and he said that's what he noticed.

There's a 10lber in that lake with my name on her. Just gotta find her.
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