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Hey man, one other thing... I learned a tip that helped keep fish stuck on those big hooks... a couple tips actually.

The first and most important is to bend your hooks up juuust a tad. Most frogs are so weedless that the hooks point down a tad into the body of the bait. Bending the hook open just a tad makes the hook point ride a tad higher and your hook up/keep on ratio will improve.

Next, (and you may be doing this already) is use heavy braid and a fast reel... You really have to put the spurs to the fish to bury the hooks, and zero stretch helps. The fast reel will help too.

Last, shorten the legs of the frog.. Super long legs promote shorter strikes and less chance of getting the hooks stuck in a good spot.

Hope this helps.
Good tips. What brands have you been doing good with?
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