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Anyone have a more utility side by sides? I don't want a high performance, trail/rock climbing type of UTV. Looking for experiences. I have been looking at Polaris Rangers, Honda Pioneers, Kubotas, and John Deeres so far.

1) How have they held up?
2) How do you use them? I plan to use mine for plowing snow, hauling firewood or tools, and hunting.
3) Does anyone have the canvas cab enclosures and how have they held up?

I have been clearing my driveway with either a Honda Rancher ATV with a plow or a snowblower. I need more heft than an ATV to plow. Snowblower, half the time I come back in looking like a snowman with the blow back. The blower didn't like wet snow either. I also figure with a cab and bench seat I can throw the kids in with me. They really want to ride the ATV with me, but I can't keep track of them and plow.

Wanting to use this for hunting, I'm leaning more towards the Ranger and Pioneer due to being a little less plodding, and somewhat trail oriented. The Pioneer's transmission seems more car like, which appeals to me, but I am not sure it is better.
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