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Simpson Ponds Catfish

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Had a good night tonight at Simpsons. Me and my friend caught 9 Cats and I also caught a big Carp. Most of the Cats were 14 to 16 inches. 2 Cats were a little over 20 inches. We were using Chicken livers, Beef livers and Anchovies from Sportsmans Warehouse. I caught the Carp on a chunk of Anchovie!! It was a fun night, the best I've had so far this year.  8)
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Right-on Scorpion... now that's what I'm talking about!

umm? Simpson ponds where is that located? Good job Dude.
Simpsons Ponds is Southeast Loveland off of Hwy. 402. Cool little group of ponds. Two years ago I caught a 20" Largemouth out of the back pond. There is also some nice Crappie and Perch in there. The biggest Cat I have caught out of there was 25". It seems most of the Cats in there are 14" to 20". That's the usual range I catch them in. Bass in there are usually 10" to 16".
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