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Skaguay / New Guy

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O.K. I was a poacher on this site the last couple of months, but now it is time to be a "member" and give back.  Another new guy joining the site.  Trout fish'n all my life, new to ice fish'n.  So went to Skaguay w/ a buddy  last Sunday to ice first for the 1st time, no clue what to do.  We manually drilled thru 18" in under a minute, I'm thinking this will be a great day, no problem....  No electronics, no hut, just lunch and a couple new ice rods.  Drilled about 8-10 holes between the two of us.  Fished in 10 FOW, NE corner of the lake.  Landed one 13" bow, pretty colors.  He nailed a green trout magnet tipped w/ meal worm, deadsticking, got lucky I guess.  Great weather overall, little wind and sunny day.  So now i'm hooked on this new ice thing.  Went to BPS bought a Strikemaster (20% off fyi) manual auger, searching Ebay for a hut.  I'm thinking of trying Skaguay again on Monday. I'll be pinging you guys this spring on wiper and walleye fish'n  too.  I'm planning on hitting Aurora a lot this year.
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man i still havent been up there yet, good to here there is lots of ice still. im hoping to to get in on some pike there was there a lot of snow also
only about 2" on top. It could be a different story by Monday.
I am trying to find a place to go fishing this weekend, Skaguay might be a good choice. Maybe I'll see you up there Monday if I can work it into the schedule.
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