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Please don't snag the kokes. Yes, they will die anyway, but it's just not very sporting.  They will chew the beejesus out of a number of flys. Here's what I like:

Bead headBlack Wooley Bugger
Purple Egg-Sucking Leach Bugger
Bead Head Olive Bugger
Mormon Girl
Kokanee Killer
Micky Finn
Bloody Butcher
Blue Copper John
Red Copper John
Bead Head Prince Nymph

I have found that the Kokes will SLAM a patern for about 30 minutes, and then it will just shut off. SWITCH YOUR FLY NOW!!  Then enjoy another 30 minutes of hot fishing.  Use lots of weight so you are just off the bottom. They will hit very soft most of the time, but occasionally knock the crap out of it. Once you are hooked up......well........hold on.  They will actually start running in about 2-3 weeks up at Blue.  This is THE BEST time to catchem...while they are still silver and fresh out of the lake.  It is my favorite type of fishing in Colorado hands down.

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