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New member here, after considerable lurking.

Maybe someone can take advantage of my attempts to downsize and to focus on lighter tackle for smaller streams, which is more appropriate for where I live now. I have two ready-to-fish fly-fishing outfits for sale. Both are in pristine condition; neither has been fished very much (and never in saltwater).

[Sold] 1. Orvis Pack Rod Outfit – $75: 4-piece Orvis Green Mountain graphite fly rod (9’ for 5-weight line) packs into 30” aluminum tube; plus Orvis Madison fly reel with Orvis DT5F line & backing and an empty second spool.

[Sold] 2. Real Rivers & Bass Outfit – $55: 2-piece St. Croix Pro Graphite fly rod (9’-6” for 7/8 weight) in travel tube (cordura-covered PVC); plus Scientific Anglers System 1 789 reel with WF8F line & backing.

There is also, separately, a [Sold] Cortland Crown II fly reel, $20, with 2 empty spools.

PM me if interested, please. HPH
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