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some photos from my recent trips

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nice rainbow. If you are a knowledgeable colorado river fisherman you know where from ;) caught last sunday (march 27)

small brownie my brother caught. Pretty typical canyon fish

really good bow my dad caught at south canyon on sunday

another rainbow

cuttbow on sunday

rainbow upper grizzly creek on sunday

Like always, if anyone wants info on this place, or any other western slope water, pm me. I'll probably know and if I do I won't hesitate to give it to you.
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Nice fish TFB. I caught a few nice ones close to there a couple weeks ago. I am going to try again before it gets blown out.
You up for sunday? I'm starting pitching in a game on saturday so I can't go then. Sunday is my day lately because by state law you can't have practice on sundays.
TroutFishingBear said:
by state law you can't have practice on sundays.
We are getting WAY too many laws about every little thing, in this state.

Wonderful pictures TFB. I really liked them. Thanks for putting them up. - W.E.
Nice fish TFB! You know,Ive driven past those areas many times and wondered how the fishing was,well now I know!
Great pictures Bear, I've got to figure out how to put my own up. Who are you pitching for?
Johnny, Fruita Monument High School. I have a sprained ankle right now though, (got it on monday) but I am gonna tough it out.
Slayerfish, the fishing right off I-70 at exit 111 is probably the best there is for size. For numbers, exit 121 (or 122, always forget) grizzly creek is the best if you fish the lower or upper portions. The colorado river in these areas has the dreamstream beat by a mile IMO
Here's the famous photo of me kissing a laker
He was a tiny one I caught at blue mesa that took me all day to catch. I could've got 20 like that at ruedi :p
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Thanx,tfb-I'm gonna try before run-off,if not -the summer or fall!
Thanx,tfb-I'm gonna try before run-off,if not -the summer or fall!
cool. Remember you can't fish where the feeder creeks are coming in right now. at least grizzly creek, no name creek (unrightfully closed), and canyon creek. You can't fish the creek itself or the river 50 yards upstream or downstream on either side of the confluence. Its a good rule IMO, except no name should be taken off and the brown trout closure in the fall needs to be adjusted more. Pm me if you need any information, not only will I give you holes but exact places to stand and cast in the holes.
Nice fish, T.F.B,
Good luck tomarrow on the game.
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