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I think the oldest pics are from mid april and those are the river pics but some of them are right up till a few days ago. We've been using like 6 different disposable cameras lately and the other 5 or so are almost done too. can't wait to show some more fish!
BTW: Every fish on here was released except for the walleye
Here's from the last roll of film I got in today. Enjoy!!!
not a good pic. but me with an average bass at jerry creek

Here's a big a$$ largemouth I caught at jerry creek almost 3.5 lbs estimate. appx. 19"

Nice bluegill caught by ice

Here's a 19" 4 lb. rainbow from the colorado river.

Ice with a nice bow

Me with a nice brown caught on a curly tail. I released it despite a little bit of blood.

Here's me puting back a big a$$ brown

small 12 or 13" brown

decent rainbow

ice with a great rainbow from the colorado

Decent bass

doubles are common at jerry creek

small walleye 13.5" from juniata
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