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Well, here are some more of my pics from this ice season.

First laker of the year, 17" dink from blue.

19" brown ice caught from blue

16" bow I caught from blue. I only caught him about 3 minutes before the photo was taken and he was already frozen solid!

dink 18" laker ice caught from blue. Engulfed the tube jig. Kept

kokanee I caught from blue

18" bow ice caught from stagecoach

24.5" northern I caught from stagecoach. Very fat. Check out the colors!

It's a team effort when you are fighting a northern on a tipup!

My dad and his monster northern. It was 13 pounds...errr...inches

16" bow from stagecoach. check out that hairdoo O0

17" northern from stagecoach caught on a plain nightcrawler jigging for trout.

Hope you enjoyed them!
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