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I've read various postings indicating that many of you are graphing many fish, etc. and I'm curious. Given that you have a comparable mode...Do you use your sonar in "fish ID" mode where the sonar marks fish with a fish shaped icon on the screen or do you use the unprocessed (or at least minimally processed) sonar return where the fish are arcs?

I have a lowrance X-65 that is about 5 years old. I will go into an area in "Fish ID" mode and the screen may be filled with fish. When I switch to normal sonar mode there are no fish marked. I've played with the sensitivity and mostly just increase surface noise. Is it my sonar? What am I missing here? I've had similar experience with my vexilar (flasher style) that I use ice fishing. My buddy will be marking fish - "fish ID" style and I am not marking any fish on the vex. I have the utmost faith in my vex. I can track a two inch movement of a bb sized splitshot in 60 feet and I KNOW when I am marking fish. I guess what I'm saying is my confidence in the LCD fish ID sonar is not real high. My guess would be that the algorithms used in "Fish ID" mode are generating mistaken hits.

There doesn't seem to be any ambiguity in bottom contours/structure in either mode. A hole is a hole, a hump is a hump, and weeds and brush... well....are weeds and brush.

What do you guys have to say about this?

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