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I would with perception about the algorithms in LCD fish finders. Usually before I?ll say it?s a fish I might look for other clues. Fish Id around structure I?ll generally accept as fish. I?ve mine give strange fish Id?s when crossing a fresh wake. Sometimes it doesn?t work good in heavy wave action. I?ll look at the temp when graphing fish I noticed 1 day at Chatfield I was graphing fish in 56 degree water off the dam but not in 54 degree water farther out. I was pretty sure those were good graphs. Sometimes I?ve seen wakes on mine look like shad schools, but never see any bigger fish under the school. I think the main thing is read the owners manual study the limitations. Trust the finder when all of the other subtle conditions line up. I fish a hummbird in my little Whaler and lowrance on MobyJ. I know I?m not always right when reading them, but I do know when I?m not graphing fish or bait I?m not usually catching fish.
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