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sorry so many posts, when u get home from a weekend away from, u have lots to ask and say

on the way to crested butte we went this weird out of the way way and pssed a bunch of lakes id never even heard of

is there anything in paonia res? it looked sorta like a small scale blue mesa cuz it is so long, but i have never seen a muddier lake, looked like a giant mud pit with tons and tons of fallen trees floating near the dam. it didnt look fishable at all, but i gotta think there are fish in there. the rivers are just so high its getting mud washed in? also, what about taryall res near fairplay? how is that?


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Paonia Reservior may have a few fish but freinds that lived up there said its pretty much too muddy all the time to be good. Tarryall used to have pike and some rainbows but it got drained during the big drought. The DOW web site says it has some water now but not any fish - same as Antero. One of the Co Springs people (like Ed) can probably give you more info.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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